Early Homesteader’s Quest for Water

By Dean Greenwalt Water was of primary importance in the success of the early homesteads. Mark Law's first claim on Juniper Flats was rewarded with historic Rock Springs. He also filed for rights to springs in the canyons above the ranch, providing gravity flow through two separate pipelines into his reservoirs. Albert Miller was second, … Continue reading Early Homesteader’s Quest for Water


First Land Patent at Rock Springs

By Dean Greenwalt (with grateful acknowledgement to H.F.Goldbrandsen for his interview with Mark Law). The Homestead Act of 1862 promised ownership of as much as 160 acres of contiguous public land to a citizen or head of a family who resided on and cultivated the land for five years after the initial claim. Area pioneer … Continue reading First Land Patent at Rock Springs

Historic Van Dusen Rd

by Dean Greenwalt Many who enjoy Arrastre Canyon and Juniper Flats may not be aware that they are accessing via the historic Van Dusen Rd. route. The route went easterly from Hesperia along Rock Springs Rd. After dropping down towards Tussing Ranch Rd., it headed south into Arrastre Canyon generally along current Bowen Ranch Rd. … Continue reading Historic Van Dusen Rd

Early History of Bowen Ranch

By Dean Greenwalt In the early Twenties, Warren and Gertie Bowen and their five children were living in Los Angeles. Their son Glenn had become sickly after having gotten pneumonia and losing a lung. The doctor advised moving him to a drier climate, and so they first considered moving to Palm Springs to raise fruit. … Continue reading Early History of Bowen Ranch