How do wetlands protect land and water?

Juniper Flats has seeps, springs and riparian wetlands. This article explains some of why protecting them is important.

Soils Matter, Get the Scoop!

Originally, wetlands were thought of as wasted land that could be drained for agriculture, building housing developments and other structures. Even the word “swamp” implies that they are areas with little meaning. The truth is, wetlands are a crucial part of the earth’s ecosystem, one that we cannot do without!

water lily pads in a wetland Water lilies, cattails and other plant life thrives in wetlands, and become an important part of the ecosystem. Lilies provide homes for insects, and calm waves; cattail roots are used as food for muskrats. Credit: SV Fisk

In the late 1980s, wetlands were recognized for the services they provide to our environment. Wetlands provide flood control, improve water quality, and are a vital habitat for wildlife. They are a huge part of the “Earth’s Kidney’s” – to read more on that, click here.

What exactly qualifies as a wetland? Wetlands are transitional areas between land and water ecosystems. The…

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