Are wetlands really the “Earth’s kidneys”?

Juniper Flats has some wetlands that although small are high quality. This article explains part of why protecting them is in everyone’s long term interest.

Soils Matter, Get the Scoop!

Yes they are!

Healthy kidneys filter wastes and water from your body 24 hours a day. They never take a break. Soil works the same way for the earth – at least when it’s healthy.

Water from rain and snowmelt moves through the soil. When there is a heavy rainfall that water runs across the soil surface and downstream. Gentle rains soak into the soil where it is available for plant roots to take it up. But in most climates, some of that water eventually flows through the soil to the groundwater or to a stream.

stream in foreground, mountain with snow in background Streams, like this one in the Rockies, accept snowmelt year-round. Credit: SV Fisk

As the water moves over or through the soil, it can pick up particles or chemicals present in the soil. For example, excess fertilizers from lawns or farms might be picked up. Bare soils are a big source of soil…

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