BLM Kiosk A – Grape Vine Canyon Rd. – Juniper Flats – San Bernardino County, California



Kiosk A is a starting point for many of the hikes that members of the Friends of Juniper Flats enjoy.  The area includes access to Riparian woodlands with native grapevines and stunning views.  Kiosk A is located on Grape Vine Canyon Road (JF3225) that traverses from the High Desert Floor to Rd 3N14 on Forest Service Land. We recommend four wheel drive vehicles with high clearance past paved roads.

Getting to Kiosk A and Grape Vine Canyon Rd. can be a little challenging.  Many roads that appear to cross the rail road or canyons on maps do not. If you don’t know your way, I recommend printing this out before heading out.  Since we use the Victor Valley Museum as a preliminary meeting place, these directions start there.  I also showed the locations of emergency responders and hospitals relative to BLM Kiosk A.  I have been hiking for over 50 years and have not needed their services, but it doesn’t hurt to have a print out of how to get emergency medical care with you.  Cell phone coverage is still hit and miss in Juniper Flats, better to have too much information than be unprepared.

  • Start at Victor Valley Museum, 11873 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 92308.
  • Head north to Bear Valley Rd and turn east (right).
  • Head east past the merge with Highway 18 and Deadman’s Point to High Road.
  • Head south on High Road, cross the rail road tracks and turn west (right) on Castle Rock Rd.
  • Travel west on Castle Rock Rd to Orchard Dr.
  • Turn north on Orchard Dr and travel to Road Runner St.
  • Turn west on Road Runner St and travel to Grape Vine Canyon Rd.
  • Head south – southwest on Grape Vine Canyon Rd until you reach Kiosk A.  Park in a place that is already disturbed and out of the way of other vehicles.




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