Caring for Arrastre Waterfall

Many people visit and care for Arrastre Waterfall


Grotto at Arrastre Waterfall

Through the years I may have visited Arrastre Waterfall hundreds of times. It is a popular local attraction in the northern foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, accessed by Bowen Ranch Rd, near Apple Valley –  Arrastre Falls Trail Head.  We pick up trash left by others, and try to leave the area better than we found it for the next visitor. Recently, my husband and I hiked down from Renegade Rocks and met other visitors. This is about a half mile hike one way. Some were hiking while others were traveling in various vehicles. Some hikers already had a small bag of trash This time we enjoyed being the “next visitors” to enjoy this  beautiful riparian area in the Mojave Desert without trash! Thank goodness that other visitors also pick up the trash left by careless individuals. Thank you!

Renegade Rocks

Renegade Rocks

The name was given to these rocks by the local residents because Native Americans would hide behind the rocks and ambush people passing by. I have been told that in the early 1900s Native Americans still camped near this stretch of Bowen Ranch Road and were seen by the Bowen children on their way to school.

Bowen Ranch Road

Bowen Ranch Road is a county maintained dirt road from Ocotillo to Bowen Ranch.  Care should be taken in wet weather because the road crosses Arrastre Creek and it can get washed out.


There are plenty of places to park near the Renegade Rocks under the Power Towers.



JF3330 Open route marker





Happy Trails!

Follow these signs east to where the road is washed out. And then follow the footpath to the waterfall grotto.






Washed out road and footpath on the right


Footpath to Arrastre Waterfall


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