Fall Photo Contest Winners

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The Friends of Juniper Flats judges have picked the winners for the 2016 Fall Photo contest. This proved to be a difficult task because all the entries were all lovely photos of the Juniper Flats Area! The names of the contestants are now on the photos in the original post ”

The Judges First Considered the Rules

The contest rules were posted on this site on November 12, 2016 and the closing date was December 15, 2016. Friends of Juniper Flats were looking for “Fall Colors in the Juniper Flats Area”. The winning entry would be the one that stands out from the others as it depicts the natural environment in a stunning way. Later, as the decision was so tight, the judges looked at the popular vote by our membership.

Runners up

Everyone who submitted a photo earned a complimentary membership for one year. Since this was a tough call, the judges decided to name 3 photos for “honorable mention”. This does not come with a prize, but for recognition of the effort that goes into taking just the right photograph.


Third Prize

This prize goes to #8 by Leslie Greenlee titled “The sun was beginning to go down and the desert landscape was changing colors”. The judges liked the composition and colors in this photograph, but were reluctant to boost it up to #1 as it seems to lack vibrant colors only to be found in the Fall in Juniper Flats. entry-2

Second Prize

The second prize goes to #2 by Deana Bohnsack titled “Flower Rock”. The judges liked the crispness of this photo and how it depicts the California Buckwheat and golden bunch grass in the fall. The rocks add to the overall color. img_5971-flower-rock-d1

First Prize

The grand prize goes to #1 by Neil Nadler titled “Below the Mitsubishi Plant.” This photo truly depicts the stunning colors of trees turning colors in the Juniper Flats in the Fall. There are over 20 riparian areas in the Juniper Flat Area, and this is a splendid example. The mountains loom up in the background and the mixture of vegetation in the foreground is also stunning. juniper-flats-east-fall-2014-below-the-mitsubishi-plant-n1

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest

We had fun with this contest and we hope you did too. If you wish to visit the area more often, we encourage you to join our mailing list to let you know about hikes and upcoming events, some of which are not posted on the website. Send a comment or email us at FOJF2@yahoo.com. Our next published event is a restoration workshop with the BLM on Saturday, January 28. We hope that our posts also give you some ideas for more visits on your own.  Whether you go out in a vehicle or on foot, we would love to hear about your visit.


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