Fall Photo Contest Entries

The Fall Photo Contest deadline of December 15 has past. Thank you to those who took their time to enter the contest! We received 15 entries, but one was disqualified because it was not taken in the Juniper Flats Area. The judges will be looking carefully at the other 14 entries during the next week or two. The photos are numbered and named, but the photographer has been left off. Their name will be added after Jan 2 when the winners will be announced.

“Fall Colors in the Juniper Flats Area”

The winning entry will be the one that stands out from the others as it depicts the natural environment in a stunning way.


#1 “Below the Mitsubishi Plant” by Neil Nadler



#2 “Flower Rock” by Deana Bohnsack



#3 “Beautiful colors in the desert sky as the last of the sun sets for the day” by Lesley Greenlee


#4 “Grapevine Canyon Road- East of Radio Tower” by Neil Nadler


#5 “Fluffy Fall Plants” by anonymous


#6 “Above Arrastre Fall” by Dave Hansen


#7 “North of Horse Springs Road” by Neil Nadler


#8 “The sun was beginning to go down and the desert landscape was changing colors” by Lesley Greenlee


#9 “Pine Tree Rocks” by Deana Bohnsack



#10 “Life on the Rocks” by anonymous


#11 “Arrastre Falls” by Dave Hansen


#12 “Desert Rock Forest” by Deana Bohnsack


#13  “Boulders and Trees” by anonymous


#14 “We took a late afternoon jeep trip to Juniper Flats to catch the last of the afternoon sun” by Lesley Greenlee

Have fun and vote on the photos!

Find the comment button to cast your vote. Say why you chose that photo.

All the photos were taken in the Juniper Flat Area

This area is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It is located on the north slope of the San Bernardino Mountains just south of Apple Valley, CA. The photos were taken off Grapevine Canyon Rd (aka JF3225 and JF3223);  JF3221M near Oak Springs Ranch; Bowen Ranch Rd (aka JF3310); Juniper Flats Road (aka JF4325); JF3253; JF3275; Powerline Rd (aka JF3330); JF3355M; JF3130; JF3215. Check out these locations on the map below! The routes with an “M” after the 4 digits are for 2 wheeled motorcycles. While you can go anywhere on foot or horseback, vehicles are required to remain on the designated, signed routes. The green on the map to the north is the San Bernardino National Forest. The brown areas are private property. Take care while visiting as some roads are badly eroded. Bowen Ranch Road (JF3310) is a dirt road maintained by the county and provides access for all vehicles. Most other roads require a high clearance or 4×4 vehicle. jfmap-6-001



8 thoughts on “Fall Photo Contest Entries

  1. They’re all nice, but I also like number 14. Great leading line, composition, colors, every part of the photo is interesting. A lot of times, the sky is boring but not here.

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  2. All worthy of honorable mention. Given the theme “Fall Colors in the Juniper Flats Area” I nominate the following ranking for the top three: 1. #1 “Below the Mitsubishi Plant” for catching the fall colors of riparian areas with soft lighting.; 2. #3 “Beautiful colors in the desert sky as the last of the sun sets for the day”. Different sort of fall colors. I love the lighting.; 3. #14 “We took a late afternoon jeep trip to Juniper Flats to catch the last of the afternoon sun”. Nice lighting. I think I would like it better if some of the disturbed soil on the bottom was cropped off. Otherwise I like the composition.


  3. Quintin and I vote for #14 also because it has nice color, good sky, the road draws you in and the Joshua tree is balanced by the bush on the left. (1st choice) #2 “Flower Rock” is nice and sharp and has good color. (2nd choice) #8 has nice color and composition. (3rd choice) #1 Definitely has great fall colors. We also like #5. Numbers 8 and 14 look like the colors have been enhanced or the photo has been modified in some way.


  4. I loved many of them but was especially drawn to #8. The colors created at sunset, from the pinks in the mountainous background to the various shades of green in the foreground, are beautiful!

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