Arrastre Falls Trail Head

Arrastre Falls Trail provides an easy hike to a permanent riparian area overlooking the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County in Southern California.  Although the falls may be dry during the summers of drought years, the area still supports cool, lush vegetation.  I enjoy visiting the falls after a long day at work or when I only have a few hours to visit a natural area on an otherwise busy day.


Arrastre Falls

View from Top of Arrastre Falls looking North Towards Victor Valley

There are two trail heads for the falls.  Both provide a short and easy hike to Arrastre Falls.  When time and energy permit, there is also a more strenuous path up the ravine behind the falls.  Climb to the top of the rocks over the falls for a fantastic view over the Mojave Desert.

Bear Valley Road and Central Rd


These directions start from the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Central Road in the Town of Apple Valley, CA.  For way points, I use coordinates from place marks created in Google Earth.  The intersection of Bear Valley Road and Central Road is located at  34.470355°, -117.172920°.  To reach this intersection from Interstate 15, travel east on Bear Valley Road.  To reach the Intersection from the Hwy 18 in the Town of Apple Valley, Travel south from Hwy 18 along Central Rd.

Central Rd and Round up Way

At the intersection of Central Road and Round up Way (34.420515°, -117.172856°) turn east on Round up Way.

Central and Round up Way

Round up Way and Bowen Ranch Rd.

At the intersection of Round up Way and Bowen Ranch Rd ( 34.420901°, -117.131452°), turn south onto Bowen Ranch Rd.Round up Way and Bowen Ranch Rd

Bowen Ranch Road is a county maintained dirt road and, although it often has a washboard feel it is usually drivable with any vehicle. Care should be taken when a heavy rain threatens. The weather can change dramatically in a short period of time.

Bowen Ranch Rd and Coxey Truck Trail

Take the east fork and turn onto Coxey Truck Trail, (Aka. aka Coxey Rd or 3N14) at the intersection of Bowen Ranch Road and Coxey Truck Trail. (34.395680°, -117.125496°)


Shortly after Renegade Rocks ( 34.393559°, -117.123144°) take the east fork in the road ( 34.393138°, -117.122705°) and travel east. There is very limited parking after this point – only a couple of vehicles at the Power Pole location and only a couple of vehicles at the trailhead below. At the Arrastre Falls Trailhead it is extremely difficult to turn around even without another vehicle there.

Power Pole Parking

Arrastre Falls From Pull-out

Arrastre Creek from Power Pole Parking

Unless your vehicle has high clearance and a strong  engine, the best place to park is at “Power Pole Parking” ( 34°23’40.52″,-117° 7’8.70″).  It is a steep down hill walk of about 0.3 miles from here to the Arrastre Falls Trail Head


Arrastre Falls Trail Head

If your vehicle can make it, parking is also available at Arrastre Falls Trail Head (34.393678°, -117.115785°).  The trail is about 0.2 miles from the trail head to Arrastre Falls.


Trail Head for Arrastre Falls.  Step-over Bar Allows Equestrian Use of Trail.

Arrastre Falls Kiosk


Arrastre Falls Kiosk with Trail Entry in Mid Background

A second trail head is located at the Arrastre Falls Kiosk (34.392452°, -117.114288°) for a shorter hike.

From the Arrastre Falls Trail Head, travel north and east across Arrastre Creek, up the hill and then south to the Kiosk.  The next section of road could be washed out in a heavy rain. It passes through the creek which can be crossed by experienced drivers/riders in high clearance, 4×4 vehicles; horses; and motorcycles.


Arrastre Falls Kiosk

Location of Kiosk Marked with a Green i





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