Benefits of Volunteering with the Friends of Juniper Flats and BLM


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Friends of Juniper Flats offer many opportunities for stewardship.

We invite you to join the Friends of Juniper Flats  in our stewardship activities in Arrastre Canyon just south of Apple Valley, California. As a Volunteer Land Steward, you would:

  • explore natural and historic destinations in Arrastre Canyon
  • gain a deeper level of appreciation for the area,
  • Build your resume if you are looking for a career in the great outdoors or career change. These workdays will look good on your resume!
  • learn by doing (more info: About The Friends of Juniper Flats)
  • feel good about your visit, and  
  • contribute hours of volunteer work that enhance the efforts of the BLM staff

Why Juniper Flats is a great place to visit and volunteer:

We encourage you to explore this lovely area of natural beauty, while helping to keep it beautiful.img_1579

There is a rich history in these foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains and lots of opportunity to enjoy fantastic views of the valley and mountains beyond.img_1550

The Juniper Flats Area is a transition zone between the desert and mountain ecosystems resulting in an area that is packed with biodiversity, cultural sites and numerous seeps and springs. img_1571

What we do

The Friends of Juniper Flats work hard for this area to remain open to the public so that it can serve as the much-needed connection to nature  we all crave. But keeping it open and in a natural state means taking care of the land and trails. A thriving native habitat provides better forage and shelter for wildlife, so in addition to more native plants and wildflower visitors get to see more wildlife.

In conjunction with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) volunteer workdays are held regularly. These provide a hands on experience for stewardship and an opportunity to enjoy good exercise and great scenery while  doing good work. On workdays you might find yourself raking out tracks;  hauling logs or rocks to put next to a red closed sign; taking photos; fixing fences; helping to identify animal tracks, birds or plants (and learning more about them); or re-installing route signs.


Before – an illegal trail goes off the open route


After a bit of raking – the illegal trail  or “incursion” is less visible










Hauling logs!



Taking time to enjoy the workplace!

Several roads and trails in the area Juniper Flats Area welcome hikers, horseback riders, mountain bicyclists, motorcycle riders as well as street legal and green sticker OHVs. Some user created trails are closed because they disrupt habitat and compromise the outstanding visual resources of the area.



On an individual basis, as a volunteer Land Steward you might:

  • Adopt a specific small area or trail and monitor it regularly for damages such as trash, graffiti,  and trespass off the designated open route.
  • Monitor an information box and keep it stocked with area information brochures.
  • Help maintain fences, signs, kiosks, and gates
  • Perform basis trail maintenance, and wildlife habitat improvement where appropriate
  • Identify maintenance needs and visitor usage patterns
  • Document and report your findings and hours to the Friends of Juniper Flats and/or the BLM Barstow Office

Come out to discover more!

“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day’s work.”
~ Frank Lloyd Wright


Near Arrastre Waterfall


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