Friends Monitoring Hike – September 9, 2016

Five Friends of Juniper Flats (Friends) participated in a monitoring hike in the service area between Coxey Truck Trail and Arrastre Falls . The group met and hiked from a turnout on Coxey Truck Trail adjacent to the junction between Coxey Truck Trail and  JF3253.  The group traveled along a route that is closed to motorized vehicles from Coxey Truck Trail to JF3355M, which is a route open to motorcycles.  The group diverted from JF3355M to a foot path that led to Arrastre Falls where the hike ended.

While hiking, the Friends conducted monitoring for the Restoration Grant held by the Bureau of Land Management. Monitoring included checking the open route signs, fences and reporting any recent damage such as erosion or riding off the designated route.



California Juniper on Route JF3355M


View Overlooking the Town of Apple Valley from Route JF3355M


Spring Fed Riparian Area Surrounding Arrastre Stream

Spring Fed Riparian Area Above Arrastre Falls Overlooking Town of Apple Valley



Spring Fed Riparian Area


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you would like to volunteer to help the Friends of Juniper Flats, please use the following form to contact us.


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